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Shopping in Australia

Our aim is to break the barriers of shopping in Australia from African countries simply because most of the Australian companies cannot ship abroad or accept credit cards from African countries.

Moreover, things are cheaper in Australia compared to the UK, US and Canada, because Australian dollar is lower than USD.

Distance is another factor that prevents Africans from accessing quality but cheaper products in Australia.

Our aim is to bridge all these gaps that prevent Africans from enjoying Australian products.

Besides, we do not charge you for using our address or for even shopping for you, but we charge you for shipping your products to Africa.

Online shopping assistant is free but, we charge a flat fee of $100 for offline shopping assistant  to cover transports and other costs

shopping in nigeria

We also found out that a lot of Africans living in Australia want to shop in Africa. For instance, women like to shop for different types of hair, clothes and cosmetics etc.

Besides the satisfaction of our need for African fashion, cosmetics and other needs, this bilateral patronage helps to promote our rich African culture and support African businesses

However, the challenge is not having an address where it can be shipped to in Nigeria after shopping.  Or not having means or someone who can help ship these goods to Australia after shopping.

Our goal is to make it much easier for these cross-country purchases by streamlining the process, by becoming the trusted person to run those errands.

Online shopping assistant is free but, we charge a flat fee of $100 for offline shopping assistant  to cover transports and other costs

How It Works



Upon registration, you will be given an Australian address and a Nigerian Address. You will also get an account number for identification.



Use your account number and your address to shop either in Australia or in Nigeria. Your account number enables us to indentify your goods as they are being delivered to our address. 


Ship and track

After receiving and consolidating your items, we send you an invoice stating the weight and the shipping cost. Once payment is received, we ship and send you the tracking details.

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