Do you know why delivery logistics are gaining more and more importance? Delivery logistics, or transport, is an area in logistics with the aim of making deliveries at the lowest cost, in an agile and safe manner.  

Delivery logistics makes it feasible to lessen a variety of issues with the segregation and transportation of items, lowering costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Its processes include choosing the best mode of transportation and verifying customer delivery. The corporation is able to provide a precise number of products, on time, and without causing any harm to its clients by optimizing these processes.

The supply chain, also known as Supply Chain Management (SCM), is the set of activities that involve the production, storage, and transport of products.

Now, the consumer demands faster delivery, which is a great competitive advantage. Under pressure, retail demands even greater agility from industry and wholesalers. Abroad, same-day delivery is already common, that is, the delivery of goods to the retailer on the same day of the order.

How does delivery logistics work?

In order to gain agility, efficiency, and security, and reduce costs, industry, wholesale (distribution centers), and carriers must be prepared to adopt good practices in delivery management, which encompasses the right procedures in the transport and movement of products and goods.  

When done correctly, delivery logistics allow the exact amount of products to be sent to the right places at the exact time. For this to work, it will be necessary to adopt some procedures such as inventory control, product quality verification, route planning, route map creation, team training, and others.  

 In addition, the adoption of delivery logistics also means improving management procedures such as inbound and outbound transportation; fleet management; storage; material handling; order picking; inventory management; demand planning, etc.

Positive impact on delivery logistics

The adoption of efficient delivery logistics will undoubtedly consolidate the relationship with the customer. This is because this management methodology produces proven benefits: ease in the exchange of information between drivers and the SAC – Customer Service; prediction of the day and time of delivery and reduction of errors.

In addition, there are additional benefits such as meeting delivery windows; more efficient reverse logistics; fewer complaints, and increased credibility. 

It is important to be aware of the fact that good delivery management results in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Hence its importance in the entire storage and transport operation. For the delivery operation to gain agility, the entire chain of receiving and moving products must be optimized. For example, the separation of loads in the warehouse needs to be fast and accurate, since the whole process takes place in a chain.  

Theft, delays, and product malfunctions negatively affect the consumer experience during the delivery process. Hence the importance of adopting practices such as route optimization using routing technologies; optimization of the process of separating goods in the warehouse, as the more organized it is, the faster the release of orders and the choice of the correct packaging will be. 

New technologies as allies in logistics

The use of new technologies is making delivery logistics increasingly efficient, gaining precision and agility. The result is lower costs and greater customer satisfaction. With the advancement of the digital world, the adoption of new management concepts becomes essential.

 In practice, the adoption of new technologies results in the optimization of operational processes, such as delivery management, whose main function is to monitor cargo transport in real-time. Technology also offers other advantages, such as planning more efficient delivery routes; monitoring the delivery operation in real time; improving communication with the customer, and reducing the number of re-deliveries. 

Due to the importance that delivery logistics has been gaining, it is necessary that the transport of goods is done quickly and correctly, at Widoph logistics our major priority is customer satisfaction, as delays and errors are no longer accepted by customers. Hence the importance of using new technologies, which will ensure more efficient end-to-end cargo management in the supply chain. The result will be a satisfied and loyal customer, in addition to more points over the competition.