Terms and Conditions


Our International Shipping and Mailing Address

Physical shipping and mailing address is the exclusive property of Widoph Logistics The Customer is not the owner of the shipping and mailing address.

​The Customer is allowed to ship to and or mail their goods, letters, catalogues, etc. to address provided if their membership status is in good standing, as approved by Widoph Logistics

​Physical access to shipping and mailing address is allowed based on consultation with Widoph Logistics only.

Prohibited are commodities such as:

All contraband as outlined by  Australian and Nigerian customs, Items deemed to be unlawful, cash, jewellery, works of art, firearms and ammunition, explosive and flammable items.

Widoph Logistics provides a facility for customers to access shopping online with our Credit card and Amazon Prime account.

​However, we are not involved in trading of goods and therefore acts only as a facilitator. Widoph Logistics is therefore not responsible for any loss as a result of incorrect purchases, items that don’t perform as stated in the online description or any variation from the stated perform by the seller online.

We act solely as a facilitator and all purchase done by us on behalf of the client is his/her sole responsibility to verify the correct item(s) are purchased until such items purchased enters our network.

Widoph Logistics is not liable for any loss and or damage to customer’s goods, mails or any shipment before entering Widoph Logistics’ network.

​Widoph Logistics  will only accept liability as set out in below:

​Widoph Logistics is not responsible or is in anyway liable for losses of cash, items purchased via the internet which includes items being delivered to the wrong address or is stolen before it enters our facility.

Widoph Logistics is not liable for delayed mail and package delivery to Widoph Logistics facility.

If Widoph Logistics under any circumstance is found to be liable for consequential loss. Maximum settlement for uninsured shipment is US$100.00


 Widoph Logistics’ Claim and Settlement:

​It is agreed that the total liability of Widoph Logistics shall be limited, in any event, to the sum of US$100.00. Additionally, Widoph Logistics provides insurance coverage not exceeding US$1000.00. Insurance for a higher amount can be arranged through a third party. The customer must contact our office before the order is placed.

Widoph Logistics requires you to contact us before shipping any shipment with a value of US$1,000.  In the event of loss or damage of shipment that is US$100, but less than US 1,000, a claim must be submitted in writing within 20 days of the loss or damage. Any loss and damage related to Widoph Logistics must be reported to the company within 24 hours.


The Customer is required to inspect his/her shipment when it is received for damage and or missing content. If the content is found to be damaged or missing, the matter must be reported immediately, failing to do so could adversely affect claim settlement.

Customs and Other Clearance Charges

The Customer agrees to reimburse Widoph Logistics  for fees and taxes paid on the customers behalf:

1.Customs Duties and Taxes both local and foreign.

2.Associated clearance charges and fees

3.Unspecified charges and cost related to the customer’s shipment.

Payment for Service

The customer agrees to pay Widoph Logistics  charges and fees for the clearance and handling of his/her shipment and any other service fee related to customer transaction(s)

Widoph Logistics is not responsible for items that are not collected within thirty days. These items may be an auction to the public to recover the cost.

Shipping rates are subjected to change without notice.