Fees and Booking Assistant

Hotel Reservation

We understand most of our clients would always travel out of Africa for either holidaying or business trips. We can help with your hotel bookings

Short Stay Apartments

Sometimes you rather stay out your visit in a fully furnished apartment. We can help search and book you a relaxing apartment that meets your needs

Tuition Payments

Thinking of paying school fees overseas…

We can help

Cruise booking

 Thinking of going for a cruise……

We can help

How It Works



You have to be registered with us before we can assist you to pay your school fees or bills in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, USA, or China  or in Africa


Once we receive your request with the details of the fees or the bills we can assist you to pay. We give you the conversion rate in your local currency so you can pay into our bank in  Africa and we pay your fees or bills overseas.


Once we confirm your payment, we make the payment for your purchases, bills or Fees with the details provided by you and email you the copy of the receipt.

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What we Do
  • Freight & Cargo Services
  • Procurement and Supply
  • Warehousing & Logistics
  • Product Marketing & Distribution
  • Manufacturers' Representatives
  • Affiliate Marketing

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